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Pre-School during COVID-19

As an Early Years setting we were lucky enough to only be closed for 8 weeks during the initial lockdown to protect our staff and families from COVID-19.

We reopened in June for children who were in need of care, key worker’s children and for those children who were going up to Primary school in September. We aimed to provide the children with stability, stimulation and helping establish routines to support them into the next stage of their education.

What changes did we see in our day to day running?

Our Management team spent hours and hours adjusting our policies and procedures to be in line with the ever-changing government guidelines, at first, we opened in small bubbles, 2 sets of staff and 2 groups of children. In September we were able to open fully. The adjustments we have made have impacted on our routines, some for the better!

- We can no longer make snack with the children, to cut down on how much food is handled before the children eat, they now bring in their own individual snacks.

- Our cleaning routine has been taken up a gear, we clean high traffic areas frequently throughout the day and thoroughly all over at the end of the day.

- We already spent as much time as we could outside, but now we have incorporated our routine to be out and about at our Nature site or the allotment every day.

- We can no longer invite parents inside the building at transition times but hand over at the door, whilst this takes extra time and isn’t always ideal for information sharing it has encouraged the children to be independent and we see children far more settled first thing in the mornings than before.

- Singing has been another change, we are now discouraged from ‘loud group’ singing so we have seen an increase of impromptu singing, singing for fun and singing to ourselves.

- We are lucky enough not to have to wear PPE whilst with the children so they still get to enjoy our smiley faces every day!

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