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What do you know about Forest Schooling?

At Alfriston Pre-School we ensure that every day is an opportunity to learn the Forest School way whether we are in our beautiful hall, at the forest site, our allotment or out for a walk.

We run our Forest site from the heart of the Village, it is an off-grid site with a yurt, a straw cosy corner, a mud kitchen, lots of trees to climb, a fire circle and even a story throne!

Our natural learning ethos is about encouraging children to be experiential, exploratory, self-led and self-confident. By promoting outside education, we hope to inspire a respect for nature and connection to self. Forest School ethos encourages collaboration rather than competition, generosity over selfishness, sustainable management rather than exploitation.

What is the importance of a fire in forest school?

Our staff are trained Forest School Leaders and are insured and qualified to have a camp fire during the sessions.

A fire isn't just a source of heat and focus point, but a collaboration of fine manipulative skills, patience, safety and respect, science and understanding of the world. Seeing the enchanted gaze of a child appreciating the glow of a growing fire is wonderful to watch, and often brings a sense of calm and meditation to the children at the forest session.

When our children leave us for the next stage of their education, we are confident that they are ready because they are strong in body and mind, dexterous, self-sufficient and eager to be active, inquisitive learners with a quest for awe and wonder.

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